Our Core Values

School Vision

We engage as conscious leaders, rooting our efforts in an understanding of self and others. Through a rigorous interdisciplinary, inquiry-based education, we will navigate and impact the social, economic, and political landscape of our local and global community

What we believe School Values

The Oak Cliff community is one rich in history. It is the stories of the earliest developers through our current leaders, business owners, and community members that create what we now call home. KIPP Oak Cliff Academy is proud to become a part of this history, recognizing the efforts and impact of all the individuals, groups, and organizations before us. We humbly offer five school values, each rooted in and symbolic of this history.

Cultural Cornerstones

At KIPP Oak Cliff Academy we believe that staff, families and community, and students all contribute to our school culture and climate. For this reason, we have adopted the Teaching Tolerance, Critical Practices for Anti-bias Education as the cornerstones that define how we will engage in and around the learning environment.


  • Self-Awareness and Cultural Competency
  • Speaking up and Responding to Prejudice, Bias, and Stereotypes
  • Building Alliances
  • Leading Beyond the Classroom and School
  • Ongoing Reflection and Learning

Family & Community

  • Culturally Sensitive Communication
  • Inclusion of Family & Community Wisdom
  • Increased Connection Among Families
  • Use of Local Resources
  • Engagement with Community Issues and Problems


  • Honoring Student Experience
  • Thoughtful Classroom Setup and Structure
  • Shared Inquiry and Dialogue
  • Social and Emotional Safety
  • Values-based Behavior Management