Inside the Classroom

A typical day at KIPP

A Day In The Life

Catch a glimpse into what a typical day looks like for a KIPP DFW teacher. We are so grateful for our dedicated teachers – they truly make our schools great!


Teacher's Arrive Gear up for the day by making copies, organizing the class, and preparing to greet students.


Classes Begin Happily greet students at the door, preparing them for a day of learning and achievement.


Lunch Time Grade levels monitor the lunchroom, engaging in students’ lives and building personal connections.


Classes Resume With lunch finished, teachers and students get back into the classroom for more learning.


Students Leave Class is over, but academics continue at home for the students, who can reach out to their teachers for guidance if needed.


Teacher's Leave After a full day, teachers depart from campus and prepare for the next school day at their convenience.


On Call Instruction Teachers utilize their KIPP phone to talk students through academic issues, and provide guidance with their instruction.