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KIPP Truth Academy was founded in 2003 as the first school in the KIPP DFW region. The school serves students in 5th through 8th grades.

Mission and Vision

At KIPP Truth Academy, we believe that a rigorous, student-driven academic environment with a focus on character development is the primary means to prepare our KIPPsters to be independently successful in competitive high schools, colleges and careers. KIPP Truth Academy equips KIPPsters to achieve success through inquiry, perseverance and care for self and others.


At KIPP Truth Academy, staff, students and families alike honor the following core values: Achieve excellence, persevere, lead & serve, care, inquire, and appreciate.

  • Achieve Excellence- We relentlessly pursue excellence in all that we do by consistently setting new, higher goals. We believe we have an obligation to seek knowledge as a means of improving ourselves and our community. We are resourceful teammates and do not shy away from acknowledging when we need help.
  • Persevere- We believe that we must show courage in the face of hardship and embrace challenges with optimism. We are united in the belief that through hard work, we will overcome adversity to reach our individual and collective goals. We understand that our community strengthens when we restore harm and repair relationships. We push ourselves to find joy in the struggles that we experience and operate with a solutions-oriented mindset.
  • Lead & Serve- We believe leadership is not a right, but a privilege and that our actions speak louder than our words. We have the moral responsibility to work to improve our lives as a first step to improve the lives of others. We act honestly and in the pursuit of justice even when it requires us to take great risks. We encourage others and make mature choices in order to reach our individual and collective goals.
  • Care- We believe that to love others we must first love ourselves. We advocate for ourselves and others with an honest, fair voice. We believe that we must exercise compassion and care for those around us. In doing so, we seek nothing in return, but gain reward in togetherness. We care for our school, shared spaces and community, always leaving it better than we found it for the next group.
  • Inquire- We believe that we must be seekers of knowledge by embracing new learning opportunities. We do not accept information, but respectfully ask questions to bring light to our truths and the world around us. We view every minute of our school day as a learning experience or teachable moment that enhances our KIPPsters’ high school, college and career readiness.
  • Appreciate- We believe that education is a privilege. In everything we do, we show thanks for the sacrifices and contributions others have made for us. We understand that we will not be able to actualize our community’s vision or reach our goals alone. This understanding drives our pursuit of consistently appreciating others for their support, sacrifices, and guidance.

KIPP Truth Academy is now located at 1545 South Ewing Ave., Dallas, Texas 75216. 

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KIPP Truth Academy at a Glance:

-          Founded in 2003, serving 350 students in 5th-8th grades

-          Rigorous college preparatory academics and emphasis on character development

-          Extended school day and year to maximize student learning

-          Open enrollment, serving students in southern Dallas

-          Enrichment activities and athletics