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College Placement & Comprehensive Support

Once students are promoted from KIPP Truth Academy to high school, they become KIPP DFW alumni and begin working with their KIPP Through College (KTC) team on a regular basis to successfully navigate through high school and prepare for college. KIPP students prepare for college by taking SAT/ACT prep classes, AP classes, leadership workshops, summer programs, frequent visits to colleges and universities, and enrichment activities, all of which are in addition to their rigorous college-prep curriculum. By senior year, many have already planned out their college essays, have letters of recommendation in hand, and know exactly to which colleges they’ll be applying.

Once KIPP alumni embark on their college journeys, the KIPP Through College (KTC) team helps them to reach college graduation and prepare for successful careers.  Program activities include: student and parent meetings; student and parent workshops; college visits; assistance with course and major selection; alumni social events; collaboration with college counselors; and additional resources and enrichment.

Support from KTC ensures KIPP students stay on the journey through college graduation and beyond.


Our Services:

In Middle School

  • high school and college readiness classes
  • high school placement counseling
  • ISEE/SSAT test prep classes
  • career exploration
  • high school and college tours
  • mentoring and summer enrichment programs

In High School

  • academic counseling & tutoring services
  • college admissions support
  • career readiness preparation
  • financial aid workshops, SAT/ACT prep, pre-college summer programs

In College 

  • college advising & mentoring
  • academic & scholastic programming
  • career pathways exploration
  • leadership opportunities
  • professional development & internship assistance

National Program Support 

  • college partnerships
  • national alumni network and database
  • college connections and ambassadors

College Completion Report

Released on April 28, 2011, The Promise of College Completion: KIPP’s Early Successes and Challenges reports the college outcomes for our earliest KIPP students. It also examines our early lessons learned in supporting KIPP students through college, and shares the ways we are addressing the challenges of college completion.

To view the full report, place the cursor over the image of the report cover below. You can scroll through the pages of the report on this screen, or click on the image to go to the full-screen view.