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KIPP Pleasant Grove Primary opened in August 2016 with grades pre-K through first grade in the St. Augustine/Bruton neighborhood. The school will continue to add one grade level each year until it becomes a fully enrolled pre-K through 4th grade elementary school.

Mission and Vision

The mission of KIPP Pleasant Grove Primary is to provide children in Pleasant Grove with a free, rigorous, high quality education that offers the knowledge, skills and character traits necessary to thrive in school, college and the competitive world beyond. KIPP Pleasant Grove Primary will inspire and educate KIPPsters so that they will develop into champions of academics and the arts.


The school's core C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. values are:  Community, Honor, Achievement Orientation, Mindfulness, Perseverance, Independence, Optimism, and Nurture.

  • Community- We are partners in the community and commit to make the community a better place. 
  • Honor- We are respectful of each other and ourselves at all times.  
  • Achievement Orientation- We are focused on feedback, results, and becoming better at all times, regardless of our role. 
  • Mindfulness- We are constantly thinking about our thoughts, words, actions, and how all three can affect other people, positively or negatively. 
  • Perseverance- We seek out solutions and never give up on ourselves or each other.  
  • Independence- We value help, but seek out opportunities to find our individual path in life. We value our uniqueness and seek opportunities to develop our individual talents.  
  • Optimism- We are/remain confident and positive in the face of adversity.   
  • Nurture- We care for and encourage our kids, our community and ourselves at all times.  

KIPP Pleasant Grove Primary is located at 2200 St. Augustine, Dallas, Texas, 75227.

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