KPGP Building


KIPP Pleasant Grove Middle School will open in August 2017 as the third middle school in the KIPP DFW region. The school will serve students in 5th grade for the 2017-2018 school year, and will add one grade level each year until it becomes a fully enrolled 5th-8th grade middle school by 2020.

Mission and Vision

KIPP Pleasant Grove Middle School (KPGM) believes everyone can and will succeed in growing as a scholar, leader, and active citizen in a free yet high quality educational setting. We believe children in underserved communities should have a rigorous educational experience where we promote each child’s gifts, while also providing supports to help each scholar improve in areas where their gifts have not yet been identified. Collaboration will be an integral part of our educational approach; this includes staff and scholars. We also believe in the power of allowing our scholars to have the opportunity to take ownership in some of their learning experiences by giving them voice and choice. Scholars will be given opportunities to create and set goals for their learning. They will learn how to advocate for themselves and others. Scholars learn to be proud of their identity, their community, and they can proudly speak about proving the possible. Rigorous academic standards, focused use of technology to guide and implement academics, and relationships that are meaningful are what we will offer on the daily basis. Character building through Restorative Justice and our values of the PLUS will be heavily emphasized in all we do. Scholars leaving KPGM have the abilities to advocate for themselves and others, problem solve, articulate and express themselves in multiple ways, and are global citizens.


KIPP Pleasant Grove Middle School’s core values focus on scholars and staff Living the PLUS: Perseverance, Leadership, Uplift, and Scholarship. We also use restorative justice and positive behavioral interventions and supports to restore relationships and celebrate successes.

The school is partnered with KIPP Pleasant Grove Elementary, and will be located at the school’s existing campus at 2200 N. St. Augustine, Dallas, Texas, 75227.

KPGM Map Location