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KIPP Destiny Elementary was founded in August 2013 and is the first elementary school in the KIPP DFW region. The school currently serves pre-K through 3rd grade for the 2016-2017 school year, and will continue to add one grade level each year until it becomes a fully enrolled pre-K through 4th grade elementary school by 2017.

Mission and Vision

KIPP Destiny Elementary School grows scholar-leaders who are empowered to define their own destiny and positively impact the world through superior academic preparation and leadership development. KIPP Destiny Elementary students thrive in a safe and challenging learning environment of educational excellence, enabling scholars to both grow as leaders and build capacity to act independently and make choices that will eventually transform our local community and the world as they define their own destiny to and through college.


The school's core values are Inquire, Make it Better, Persist toward Excellence, Appreciate, Care, and Take a Risk.

  • Inquire- We think deeply about the world, our roles and responsibilities within it, and how it has worked for or against us in the past. We ask questions to understand more about how we can grow. We respectfully challenge the way things are.
  • Make it Better- We seek out ways that we can selflessly make our classrooms, school, and community a better place for others to thrive. We look for solutions to complex problems that we face. We take ownership of our choices and push ourselves to grow constantly. 
  • Persist toward Excellence- We exude resilience in the face of a struggle. We work harder than we think we ever thought possible. We show optimism and grit in the darkest trials, and never give up on growing through a challenge.
  • Appreciate- We are grateful for the talents and gifts we each come with in this world, and take time to bring joy to others by celebrating what they bring to our team. 
  • Care- We treat others the way we would like to be treated. We exude love for the people, places, and things around us. We actively seek out ways to connect with each other with respect and dignity. 
  • Take a Risk-We eagerly try new things, and give ourselves a chance to experience the world in a different way that pushes us to see the world with fresh perspective. We encourage one another when daring to be vulnerable in an unfamiliar situation.  

KIPP Destiny Elementary is located at 3663 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. Dallas, TX 75237.

Destiny Map

KIPP Destiny Elementary at a Glance:

-         Opened in August 2013 with 130 kindergarten and 60 pre-K students

-         Currently serving pre-K through 3rd grade during 2016-2017 school year

-         Adding one grade level per year to enroll 560 students in grades K-4 by 2017

-         Open enrollment-serving children in southern Dallas

-         More time for learning

-         Leadership development and service learning projects to connect scholars and their communities

-         Family engagement through Saturday learning experiences and Family Literacy activities

-         Rigorous college preparatory academics and emphasis on character development