Working at KIPP DFW


Growth Opportunities

At KIPP DFW, our teachers are growing and learning every day. We offer weekly observations and feedback sessions, where school leaders and teachers meet to discuss lessons, brainstorm next steps, and implement ideas for student success. In addition, KIPP DFW supports teachers and leaders through programs like our KIPP School Leadership Programs, and our Leadership Development Programs: Fisher Fellowship, Miles Family Fellowship, Teacher Leader Program, Leadership Team Program, Successor Leader Program, and Regional Leader Program. Further, we have development for all levels of leadership, from continuous learning opportunities, leader retreats and KIPP School Summit, as well as individualized leadership coaching. We support our team & family members on their teaching journey to ensure their continuous growth.

Curriculum Usage

KIPP DFW ensures that students are being held to the highest rigorous instructional skills and character development. With that, teachers have flexibility in the creation of their curriculum, while utilizing supports and tools to develop a classroom that encourages constant student growth. KIPP DFW strongly emphasizes a collaboration mindset, as teachers and leaders work together to build out the best resources for our students.


The team and family at KIPP DFW is one that embodies one vision, daily reinforcing our mission that our students will receive the best instruction. Further, our team members are experts in their field and content. We meet weekly to plan, collaborate, brainstorm, observe, and reflect. Our teachers thrive on utilizing each other to strengthen quality classroom instruction.


Our valuing of KIPP DFW employees is clearly seen through our generous benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and other important features to our benefits package.  Along with those valuable benefits, KIPP DFW also boasts one of the highest teacher salary rates in all of Dallas-Fort Worth.  

Parental Leave

KIPP DFW is pleased to announce beginning April 1, 2016, all employees will receive up to 6 weeks parental leave.

Time Off

The flexible and understanding nature of our time off policy allows for KIPP employees to work towards personal and professional alignment through personal time off, bereavement leave, holidays, and many other leave instances.

Year Schedule

Our annual schedule takes full advantage of extended learning opportunities for all of our KIPPsters, by beginning the school year two weeks prior to local school districts, and ending the school year nearly two weeks after traditional school districts.