A Teacher's Day


The summary below is a glimpse into a KIPP DFW teacher's typical day. 

7:00am – Teachers Arrive

Gearing up for the day by making copies, organizing the class, and preparing to greet students.

8:00am – Classes Begin

Happily greet KIPPsters at the door, preparing them for a rigorous and engaging day of learning.

12:00pm – Lunch

Grade levels monitor the lunchroom, engaging in students’ lives, and building personal connections.

1:00pm – Classes Resume

With the KIPPster now full of food, classes resume, filling our students with knowledge.

4:45pm – Students Leave

KIPPsters prepare to continue their academics at home, knowing they can reach out to their teacher once they leave.

5:00pm – Teachers Leave

After a full day, teachers depart from campus, and prepare for the next school day at their convenience.

Until 7:00pm – On Call Instruction

 Teachers utilize their KIPP phone to talk KIPPsters through academic issues, and provide guidance with their instruction.

*Weekly professional development sessions held every Wednesday upon student release.