Our Approach

Our Mission & Vision

We do things differently.

At KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Public Schools (KIPP DFW), we believe in the potential of every child. Our schools are designed to prepare our students for success in college and in life.

What makes KIPP DFW unique Our Core Values

All KIPP schools share a core set of five unique operating principles.

Our Mission & Vision

KIPP DFW is a public charter school network located in southern Dallas that is free and open to all students. Part of the national Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) network of over 200 high-performing public charter schools, KIPP DFW’s mission is to equip students from educationally under-resourced communities with the knowledge, skills, and character development needed to succeed in college and careers in order to positively impact our community.

We envision that KIPP DFW will have a transformational impact on the city of Dallas-Fort Worth. It will prove what is possible to city leaders and education entities and set an example of excellence that can be emulated in other public school districts. It is our goal that KIPP DFW students will serve as role models to their families and communities. We aspire for our college graduates to return to their communities, give back and demonstrate the impact that education has had on their own lives.